Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Migrane Relief

FACT: Headaches Affect Nearly 90% of Men and 95% of Women

All kinds of pains are bad. But there is nothing asmentally exhausting as a headache. It affects our well-being,our productivity and even our social existence.After a headache we feel mentally drained and physicallyexhausted. But then we come to the interesting question,should a bad headache keep a good man down? To find asolution to this question, it is important that we understand more about headaches.
Headaches are of different types. They can be  identified as headaches due to migraine, sinus and
tension. Now these headaches are very different but theydo affect the same part that is the head in general. So ifwe understand more about them we can reach an interesting conclusion.
And you know what that is? Headaches are largely preventable. Of course there are a lot of cures available
over the counter now but do we really have to wait for the headache to start to resort to treatment? Isn’t
prevention better than cure? Isn’t it better to be proactivethan reactive?

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